What We Do

We develop projects that bring a new form of entertainment to the screens, new fusions of genres that educate, entertain, amuse, terrify, all at the same time.

From brainstorming to the first draft, from financing to shootings, from post-production to distribution, Newscapes is an incubator of great ideas.

Screenplays & Treatments

Following a strict brainstorming process, Newscapes selects the most promising ideas to be turned in real IPs (Intellectual Properties), from the making of treatment documents to help facilitate the pitching process up to the completion of screenplays and scripts for film and television. Moreover, Newscapes does not set its limits to original content, as it's also pleased to receive proposals of novels and books adaptations from authors and/or their agents, as demonstrated by many of the projects that are already in our catalog belonging to the category.


From Pre to Post production, Newscapes relies on its own talents to turn the projects that were previously selected for development into reality. Whether it's a stand-alone production or a co-production, it ensures a full coverage of the roles that are necessary to complete the job, from the first draft to the final cut.


There are few artistic and working fields that give the same sense of importance to teamwork as the entertainment industry does. Newscapes is glad to actively collaborate with a multitude of partners, often different for each and every project, in order to achieve the best results from every aspect and phase of production. From small independent studios to the big majors, Newscapes carries forward with reliability and competence precise co-production agreements, while remaining open to new valuable opportunities of collaboration.